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As specialists in “making space” for people ”to be and become”, we understand the importance of holistic experiences that encapsulate mind(brain), body(senses) and spirit(feelings, emotions, values etc). We pride ourselves as SPACE Designers of Meaning. It is clear that certain spaces effect our behaviour through our thinking, ultimately influencing our wellness and performance as people. A relaxed brain function more efficiently and our design team understands this. We create aesthetically and functional spaces to achieve a relaxed brain state so that you can be and become in your space, may it be your boutique hotel, spa, residence or office.

Our team balance qualified artisans and automation to manufacture products that allow us to achieve a higher level of service. Our people processes (clients and designers) are created with the end in mind – to enable people to flourish.
Our manufacturing facilities apply extensive internal quality controls before any shipment or installation, locally or internationally. We advocate locally manufactured and supplied products wherever possible – proudly South African. 

“The message is clear: The new frontier is inner space. Companies (and individuals) that effectively match emerging knowledge about the brain with profound human needs, have a shot at striking gold.” - FORBES

Invite us to mine the world of your possibilities with you, making space to become all you want to be.


Enjoy an engaging space through our space design that realises your signature and supports your wellbeing.

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Our turnkey solution offers you a comprehensive service and a single point of contact for the entire project - enabling communication and accountability as part of our high-quality standard.

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We offer extensive insight to maximising your property portfolio through sales, rentals and ad-hoc services including AirBNB solutions.

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