Enjoy an engaging space through our space design that realises your signature and supports your wellbeing.

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Our turnkey solution offers you a comprehensive service and a single point of contact for the entire project - enabling communication and accountability as part of our high-quality standard.

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We offer extensive insight to maximising your property portfolio through sales, rentals and ad-hoc services including AirBNB solutions.

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As specialist in 'making space for people "to be and become" you can follow this link on the benefits of having a Psychoneuroimmunology practitioner (Matt White on board as part of the design and implementation process. Click here

The article explores how neurobiology in driving emergent thinking about how certain types of spaces affect our behaviour and, ultimately, our brains - thereby influencing our wellness and performance. 

  • Questionnaire
  • Client Brief
  • Concept Design
  • Implementation

Tell us more about your style preference. The questionnaire will tell us more about your preferences, which will help form the concept design, Some of the questions may be more relevant to interior furnishing design, however they remain relevant in our endeavour to learn more about your personal style. 

This forms the start of the creative team's design journey and is essential to ensure that the concept design matches your requirements.

We like to create a blue print that establishes the overall look before we start with the project implementation. We call this the concept design. As this is the most important part of creating your living space, we take the time and effort required, paying attention to detail to ensure that your personality and preferences are part of a design that will enhance your living and lifestyle.

Our designers complete storyboards the encapsulates your requirements with their design and present these to you on A3 | A2 boards with all the relevant samples, this is where the magic happens. 

Part of this process will be an online Neurosymantic diagnostic for you and your partner - which you can complete in approximately 22 minutes. This will enables us to design your space with the best in NeuroScience world has to offer. 

We can provide you with 3D rendering for each room and these are charged separately. We find this is not necessity. It help if you require a clear idea of here you are heading.

We start with the design elements installation of your living space -  you improve the concept design, everything else will be measured against it, to ensure that the overall design is maintained; Things like your paint colours, space design & space usage, material finishes and even your door handles will be measured accordingly.



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